My first weapon is my pen
It begets words so sharp.
Some, soothing as the songs of the harp
Others, true as the Holy scriptures.
Presented on the eternal parchment of the heart
And capable of moving the mountains of the mind.
It reaches the corners of all social issues.

I also have my imagination.
It seems to have no limitation.
It is the oasis of this age
Where words rise out of the desert of my mind.
It is like a deep well
Where inspirations are drawn from
And poured into the bucket of society.

I have other weapons in store:
My experience, my knowledge and my inspiration.
Like a tiny spore
They bring forth an outgrowth of poetry
That moves the world and touches hearts.
I write my first poems to share my world
With all mankind.

These are my first poems
Its effects, well, you may try to hem.
In my world words come alive,
And in yours they convey
All they have to say.
So sit back and enjoy
The words I employ
To reach you.

JESUS’ NAME *(JN Premiere)

There is none like your name
Possessing all glory, power and fame.
From heaven it came
And is a reflection of the Father’s name.

Greater than those of the fathers:
Mightier than all others,
Able to bridge God and Man’s wide borders,
Receives worship from all corners.

A name with glory all around:
A name whose power, elsewhere cannot be found,
A name awesome than the three-headed hound,
A name that deserves the universal worship sound.

The name that brings healing
The name that pours down love unceasing
The name King’s of Old were seeking
And brings grace abounding.

The devil was sleight
And his speciality was heist
But he could not deceive Christ;
Man’s Kleist.

WICKED World *(WW premiere)
A wicked world
Full of wicked people
Where care is withheld
And the oppressed are the feeble.
The orphan is the victim
And widows are mistreated;
If their dead husbands will return from their pilgrim
Their kids will be comforted.
I feel sorry for being part of a world so perverse
Where purity can’t alter the universe
And perfection in itself is scarce.
That is the world’s curse
It’s up to Armageddon
And for the End to accomplish his kingdom
Oasis will be unheard of.
Till then
I just lie in my quiet den.

The threatened. *(TT premiere)

Drowning in a pool of dilemna
With instincts as swift as the cheetah
I am as cautious as the viper
As long as I know there is a hunter

I live in a world where people love for a reason
And where honesty is a treason
It’s up to My King to shade me
Else I’d have to flee

The threatened must hide
But fear is a taboo on my side
I have a life to live
And an example to give

So it’s up to My King
To help this poor thing
And raise a survivor from slumber
A slumber of fear and torture


There’s hope for a better future;
This present cannot break me
Now I work and toil for another
Chance to see tomorrow brighter.

They may not comprehend
Why I do things the way I do
’cause only I see what is for me
And I’m the only sailor on this life’s sea. 

Greatness like no other
Awaits me.
But as long as the strife is not complete
My resilience must not deplete.

From the valleys to the hill,
From the hills to the mountain top,
I soar to the highest altitude
Far above the mock of the multitude.

Walking through life’s dark alley
And running over all obstacles in destiny’s maze
I write my own story;
The story of my future glory.

The Sorrow you brought *(TSUB premiere)

Tears and strife.
Pain to overcome.
I have to thrive
Because sorrow is unwholesome.

Some time ago you were my oasis,
My peaceful haven.
But then you had two faces
And your unpleasant side approached me like a raven.

You left my spirit shattered,
And took my happiness out of reach.
In me, Joy’s wings fluttered
But sorrow still has some lessons to teach

Thus I rest in my humble abode
Hoping to survive
Living by a new code
For my heart’s joy to revive

Back off *(BO premiere)

Back off when I am in isolation.
When my emotions are in desolation
Let me be alone
At home.
Only my humble abode
Will make me feel better.

Back off when I don’t want to talk.
When I take a silent walk
Keep your pleasantries
Because nobody sees
The broken piece
Of me.

I’ll still wallow in this pool of distress.
My mind will be in stress
Till I uncover Joy’s dress
And engage in its passionate intercourse.

Thierry Century

My warrior *(MW premiere)

I belonged to the dark sect.
Oppression and wickedness poured on me all day.
In fact I had no say.
For the price of freedom was too high to pay.
Bound to sin;
Born to lust and kill,
I lived on evil’s hill
Till my cup would
Overflow and hell would
Be my home.
But in the dark dome,
A warrior came.
He gave me the bread of life
And as it is John 6: 35
I was never hungry.
Risen to life,
The devil fought me
But he tasted defeat.
He tested me
But the warrior rescued me:
His blood washed,
His words healed me
And now it’s up to thee;
Yes, thee
To see
The glory of God in me.
The warrior Christ
Won the fight
And now the liberty is ours.
Praise the King

Bread 🥪 of Life *(BOL premiere)

In the world of satiety
You’re the alpha.
Food that lasts for eternity.
The new covenant’s manna.
Bread made man; not made by man
Eternal bread that can:
Save,give eternal life;
God’s word.
The Bread is Jesus Christ.
The body’s head.
It is life.
It is light.
From above,from the immeasurable height
Bread of life and life from God.
Living water,
Refresh my soul.
Make me grow.
Feed me, oh feed me,
Bread that lasts for eternity.
The death remedy
Made with God’s recipe.


The piper *(TP Premiere)

A canary rose out of eagles.
A piper came out of warriors.
Talent was lit out of strength
And it had a slot for glory.
But in the land it was different.
Yes, it was not coherent.
The emperor could not comprehend
How this difference was born out of strength.
So he cuffed the hands of the piper
And hoped to quench that fire.
Time passed; the world did not see the wonder
Till strength was beginning to grow sober.
The emperor called the piper.
He sought the fire
And broke the chains off.
The piper played; his notes broke through the skies.
He hit the notes; he moved the earth at all sides
Then he stopped.
Silence fell upon the earth.
Strength’s hope moulted into reality
And the stars lit up.
Joy played it’s harp
Yet the emperor was sober
Because the piper was nowhere to be found.


Betrayal *(B Premiere)

Weeping in the desert .
Shedding tears where there’s no water.
With emotions in crisis,
my brow drops lower.
Ours was the pride of friendship
and I cherished you above all
But you became the bride of betrayal
and refused my call.

Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder
and betrayal makes me wonder
if love and friendship will ever prosper
for hate and enmity to turn sober.
You left me
and throd on me like I was never alive.
I doubt I can thrive
holding on to nothing.

Yours may have been false
but a speck of my love could burn down the amazon.
Well of course,
you never meant the vows you swore
but like an eternal tree stump,
my love never dies.
You will stay away
and I’ll survive in my lonely carapace.

Belle merveille *(BM Premiere)

Just as the sunrise appears on the lake
so do you steal the spotlight everyday.
As your hair drops down your neck
they remind me of water gushing with gay.
Beauty beyond compare
will drive away life’s despair
so fate swore to take you away
without delay.
No! Such a wonder can’t slip away.
Because I’ll protect you till daybreak
when I’d have defeated Fate
And victory would I have taken.
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